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About That Lifestyle Co.

Drawing inspiration from the eclectic bowerbird, That Lifestyle Co. embodies a collective committed to discovering, assembling, and disseminating items that enhance the beauty and happiness of everyday existence.

Its offerings include fragrant herbal tea cultivated organically on the Swiss Alps’ slopes, artisanal ceramics crafted from Australia’s sun-drenched soil, intricately detailed tablecloths sourced from Poschiavo, and the finest, most aromatic olive oil from the heart of Spain, which has garnered prestigious awards. Ana, the founder, is a passionate individual inspired by nature and the beauty of existence. Through her store, she expresses her personality and her vision for a better world, aiming to create a more fulfilling experience for those who visit.

Ana approached us when she decided to transition from the platform she initially began building her store on to Shopify, drawn by its functionalities. We sought out a template that aligned with her existing setup and could effectively showcase useful information about the products she sells in various sections. This isn’t just a Shopify store; it’s a lifestyle blog that shares the stories behind each product. By highlighting the producers and ingredients of every item, we enrich the shopping experience. While our primary aim is to prompt customers to take action, it’s also important to educate them about the sources of their purchases, fostering consumer consciousness.

Client's Feedback

Dragon Dose has been an amazing support, help and guidance throughout our transition from woocommerce to Shopify. They have always been available for any question or concern from our end. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing web development support and/or support on a web transition/ migration. They taught me how to use Shopify throughout the process, encouraging me to understand all the different components from my end.

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