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About Seads

Seads came to life during an extended stroll along the shoreline, in the aftermath of a stormy night. Agnes, the visionary founder and CEO, who also happens to wear a size 43, was contemplating the idea of launching a footwear collection designed specifically for larger feet. However, a moment of inspiration altered the course of her concept entirely: why not utilize the abundance of discarded plastic debris that washed ashore on those very beaches? And what better footwear to reimagine than the classic espadrille? With its sunny, beachy charm, comfort, and the allure of carefree summer days, it seemed like the perfect canvas for their innovative vision.

The project encompasses the redesign of multiple sections within the store, along with the integration of various necessary functionalities. Our approach involves implementing a “full control” development system, granting the client complete autonomy over every element we create.

Client's Feedback

Dragon Dose has been an amazing support, help and guidance throughout our transition from woocommerce to Shopify. They have always been available for any question or concern from our end. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing web development support and/or support on a web transition/ migration. They taught me how to use Shopify throughout the process, encouraging me to understand all the different components from my end.

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