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About M. Hulot

M.Hulot, named after the fictional character Monsieur Hulot, crafts leather bags and accessories with a focus on timeless, classical design blended with contemporary style, all proudly made in England. Founded in 2011 by Anna Kreeger, the brand counters throwaway culture and over-branded goods, emphasizing purity in design and material integrity. With designs originating from a Cambridgeshire studio, M.Hulot nurtures close ties with its makers, ensuring each piece is a testament to quality and sustainability, aiming for functional beauty that transcends trends.

The M. Hulot store, developed using the latest Shopify 2.0 technologies, stands as a testament to our theme setup team’s expertise. Designed for ease of navigation and aesthetic appeal, the store effectively communicates its brand identity, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere. It specializes in high-end, handmade leather products, emphasizing quality and craftsmanship. This online presence not only showcases our technical capabilities but also the luxurious, handcrafted essence of M. Hulot’s offerings.

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Dragon Dose has been an amazing support, help and guidance throughout our transition from woocommerce to Shopify. They have always been available for any question or concern from our end. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing web development support and/or support on a web transition/ migration. They taught me how to use Shopify throughout the process, encouraging me to understand all the different components from my end.

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