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About Aboy Studio

Paloma Aboy’s design journey began early, influenced by her family’s heritage in craftsmanship. Inspired by her grandfather’s passion for jewelry making, she developed a deep appreciation for handmade artistry, which became a part of her identity.

As an independent jewelry designer, Paloma drew inspiration from her grandfather’s creativity and ability to transform precious materials into beautiful pieces. Her mission was clear: to honor his legacy by infusing her creations with soulful essence.

Paloma’s pieces are crafted by skilled artisans who apprenticed under her grandfather, ensuring the continuation of his tradition. Her creative spirit embraces diverse influences, from ancient history to futuristic expressions, resulting in designs that celebrate life, tradition, and love with delicate proportions and exquisite craftsmanship. Her creations are timeless, high-quality, and meant to be cherished for generations.

To Aboy Studio we begin by configuring an Envato 2.0 Template (Kalles) , where we prioritize extracting all pertinent information aligned with the customer’s specific needs. Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance to the customer on effectively utilizing the template. To achieve the desired minimalistic aesthetics for the website, we meticulously eliminate select template elements and implement precise spacing adjustments using advanced coding techniques.

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Dragon Dose has been an amazing support, help and guidance throughout our transition from woocommerce to Shopify. They have always been available for any question or concern from our end. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing web development support and/or support on a web transition/ migration. They taught me how to use Shopify throughout the process, encouraging me to understand all the different components from my end.

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